Электронное образование в Республике Татарстан

Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение для детей дошкольного и младшего школьного возраста «Усадская прогимназия» Лаишевского муниципального района Республики Татарстан

Визитная карточка

Адрес: 422624, РТ, Лаишевский район, с. Усады, ул. Восточная, д. 2 А
Телефон: +7(843)782-94-05
E-Mail: usadprogim@mail.ru
Министерство: Министерство образования и науки Республики Татарстан
Короткое название: МБОУ "Усадская прогимназия" Лаишевского муниципального района РТ
Руководитель: Даминова Карина Зуфаровна
Год основания учреждения: 2016
У нас учатся: 271 ребенок
У нас учат: 19 педагогов

Задания по английскому языку

Республиканская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку.
Школьный этап. 2018-19 уч.г.
4 класс
Время выполнения– 60 минут. Максимальное количество баллов – 54 балла
LISTENING – 6 балов (1 балл за правильный ответ), 10 минут
Task 1. Listen to two friends. Complete the sentences with ONE word in each gap.
1   Jake has seen some interesting gadgets in a(n) __________ magazine.
2   The camera is like a(n) __________ .
3   A(n) __________ toaster is another interesting gadget.
4   Someone has designed a flying alarm __________ .
5   Rob thinks the flying gadget is a stupid and __________ idea.
6   Rob broke his __________ last week.
USEOFENGLISH – 30 баллов (1 балл за правильный ответ), 20 минут
Task 1. Open the brackets using the correct tense form.
(7). ……. you ever ……. (eat) a black burger? (8). When ……. you ……. (eat) it?
(9). I am sorry I can’t meet you tomorrow. I ……... (go) to a concert.
(10). Mary ….…. (have) a party next Sunday. (11). …… you ……. (want) to come?
(12). Bob ……. (move) to our city five years ago. (13). He …..… (live) here for five years.
(14). Let’s have lunch in the garden. I’m sure it …….. (not/rain) this afternoon.
(15). What …..… (be) your plans for the summer?
(16). She ……... (can) read when she was four years old.
Task 2. Fill in the gaps with to where necessary.
Example: 0. They came ….. say hello.    ___to____
                 00. John will ….. read the book. __----___
17.You must …… bring juice.
18. We didn’t have any milk. I had ….. bring some milk.
19. Let’s …. hope she will come tomorrow.
20. When are you going … invite him?
21. He decided … start a new life.
22. You can …. come whenever you like.
23. Do you have … wear a uniform?
24. Nobody likes ….. work on Sunday.
25. They didn’t come …. say goodbye.
26. I’m sure you will be able …. speak Spanish in three months.
Task 3. Underline one mistake in each sentence and write the correction.
Example: The man walked quick down the stairs.           __quickly__
27. There are no peoples in the room.                     _____________
28. He’s the taller person in our class.                     _____________
29. They aren’t any books on the desk.                  _____________
30. They laughed noisy when I walked past.          _____________
31. There is some apples on the table.                     _____________
32. My sister is younger then I am.                         _____________
33. Our maths teacher were late.                             _____________
34. The train arrives an hour ago.                            _____________
35. He doesn’t have some information.                  _____________
 36. I see him three days ago.                                   _____________

READING – 8 баллов (1 балл за правильный ответ), 10 минут
Task 1. Match the people (37-44) with the activities (A–H).
37. Jane loves animals and she likes being outside. She wants to do something new. _____________
38. Amy doesn’t want to do a lot of exercise but she isn’t fit and wants to get fitter. ______________
39. Harry doesn’t like sport. He enjoys making things and wants to learn about art. ______________
40. Mary enjoys exercise and she loves dancing and keeping fit. ______________
41. Henry loves team sports. He doesn’t enjoy indoor sports. ______________
42. Gina gets bored in the gym. She wants to have exercise classes with other people. _____________
43. David loves all kinds of puzzles. Word games are his favourite and he wants to play them with other people. ______________
44. Marc plays games on his computer a lot. He doesn’t want to get fit. ______________

WRITING– 10 баллов, 20 минут
Student’s name_________________
Task. Write a story about a funny bird. Try to be original. Write 40-90 words.